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Likamobile Kit Project

  Appraisals are made, as presented, not on future restoration work or parts ordered. VIN #'s are checked against the registration and/or title. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to present documentation to prove claims made about the appraised vehicle. We then research the vehicle to make an informed and current appraisal.


  Professionally involved with Collectible vehicles for over 30 years. Past owner of a successful restoration shop for 15 years, also recognized by Hagerty Insurance Co. as one of their recommended facilities.

  Certified Automotive Appraiser. Judge for AACA and the CCCA.

  Active enthusiast in the Antique, Collector, and Street Rod hobby. Active member in several local and national clubs, AACA, CCCA, RROC, and NSRA.


  Appraisals: Base $225. Travel is $35.00/hr. plus expenses. Extra charges for in-depth research fees..

*Travel is limited to a 100 mile radius, special circumstances can be negotiated.
* Prices subject to change without notice
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