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Likamobile Kit Project

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International Model Works

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  Hello, fellow steam enthusiasts. My name is Rick Stoeber, Red Bank, NJ. Like most of you I've always had a fascination with steam, especially cars. This is my first venture into the steam automobile and I'm learning everyday and meeting new steam people all the time. This is very exciting so please forgive me if I get ahead of myself.
  First I would like to state that Simon Cast, Brad Patton, and Steve? [sorry I never got his last name] Mr. Tech, of Model Works, are very enthusiastic and are ready to help whenever they can. I know that they have probably been overworked with trying to get the first kits out and getting everything sorted for smooth transition from kit to kit.

  The original kit 1 was supposed to arrive at the end of December 2004, but they had some foundry problems and were not satisfied with the product and decided to delay the first kit till around March of 2005. This was my first experience with Model works commitment to quality as my future build notes will prove. Then there was another delay, not sure why, but then I received a shipping date and Waybill # for TNT Transportation, June 10, 2005. Now I had to follow the shipping and it arrived at US Customs. I had to file a Power of Attorney, and supply my Social Security #. Now I'm suspicious, you don't supply your social to anyone unless it really is important and they can prove themselves. I received several phone calls from other purchasers as to my thoughts on that as well. I made a phone call to a friend of mine who is in charge of Home land security for the NY and NJ ports. As of Sept. 11, 2001, this is now standard procedure if you have never been logged in to their records. I was assured of the security of my records as they can understand my concerns. Once the paper work is done, Oh Yeah, I only had 15 days to get through this red tape; otherwise storage fees are applied, from, what I've heard they aren't cheap. I was dealing with Ileene Keeny, with Eagle Global Logistics, she handled everything on my behalf and was totally professional and quite knowledgeable with customs procedures, she was also quite interested in what all these packages from Model works were, and she also told me that customs will open the package to inspect its contents. (Guns, bombs, chemicals, etc.) On June 30, 2005 the first installment cleared customs and was now in transit to my door.

  During August, I attended an early car show in McCungie, Pennsylvania. What came steaming onto the show field was an 1899 Locomobile Steam Carriage. Needless to say I introduced myself and explained the Likamobile project. The owner of this wonderful steamer is Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davidson. They had heard about Model works project and expressed as interest in seeing its progress, and gave me an open invitation to their home in the future. I hope to get together with them soon. There are several photos of their car posted. Our project is closer to the 1899 model than the 1900, especially the center tiller, which changed to side tiller in 1900. Also the rear axle center support is flat steel in 1899 and round steel tube in 1900. There is a great deal of engineering in our kit to keep it true as possible to the authentic, along with the improvements that Locomobile did incorporate as they went with production.

  If you have any information or ideas for improving or building, please pass them along as I will try to get them on the site.

  Also I would like to set up a roster of all US Likamobile projects, as well as world wide so we can help each other. Please bear with me, as I am not web savvy, I have a friend that is building my site and will enter everything for me. Two local friends in NJ are also building Likamobiles, Gil Harris, and Rolf Marganeau. Hopefully we will be steaming by July 2006.

  Fell free to contact me, don't be insulted if you don't get an immediate response, I will get back to you. Here's to the future steamers, have fun. Also posted are several original Locomobile schematic drawings. I blew up the photos and mounted them on my shop wall.

Rick Stoeber
68 White St. #332
Red Bank, NJ 07701

732-890-0084 EST

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Video of Likamobile Driving!
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