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Likamobile Kit Project

  Radio Shack DPDT switch PN 275-666 Click to enlarge

  4 different color 20 gauge wires
(enough to reach from burner to switch location)

  Solder and soldering iron
  2 RED butt splices OR Shrink tubing

About ½ hour

Click to enlarge
  1. Prep new Toggle Switch - Solder terminals 3 & 6 together, solder wire leads to remaining terminals.
  2. Remove Burner Relay
  3. Left side is numbered 1-12 with 1 at the bottom and 12 at the top
  4. #1 should have a black wire
  5. Loosen screw and remove black wire (we will use later)
  6. Install wire from terminal 2 of switch to #1 (where the black wire used to be)

  7. Tighten screw being sure wire is secure.

Click to enlarge
  8. #3 should have 2 brown wires
Click to enlarge
  9. One of the wires is a jumper to #8 (verify)
  10. Loosen screw and remove BROWN wire that does NOT go to #8 (use later)
  11. Install wire from terminal 4 of switch to #3 with brown jumper
  12. Tighten screw being sure both wires are secure
  13. There should be 2 wires that are not connected
  14. One is BLACK
  15. One is BROWN
  16. Install wire from terminal 5 of switch and BUTT splice (or solder and shrink) to BROWN wire
  17. Install wire from terminal 1 of switch and BUTT splice (or solder and shrink) to BLACK wire
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  18. Dress 4 wires through top of relay box with all the other wires. Route away from heat and mount switch. Replace relay. The two positions are NORMAL OPERATION or PURGE ONLY. Vehicle Ignition switch has to be on.
This will be a step by step description from running to cool down. Having arrived from your ride the pressure may be high enough for the burner to be OFF (approximatly 250 psi).
    A. Shut vehicle ignition off
    B. Move new switch to the bypass position
    C. Turn on ignition switch
    D. Bleed off steam until purge fan comes on (approximatly 175 psi)
    E. Allow fan to run for about 5-10 minutes or until the pressure is below 100 psi.
    F. At this point all will be cool enough to be worry free
    G. Turn ignition off and move switch to normal position.
  20. During normal operation the following measurements were taken at the batteries.
    All on with burner firing..........................................20 amps
    Purge fan only......................................................13 amps
    If installed Small fire eye fan...................................0.3 amps
  Based on using 2 Optima SC34DM batteries in parallel capable of
110 amp hr rating it is estimated that on a full charge the vehicle should be able to run 8 hours non stop.
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