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Likamobile Kit Project

  Well I just received another Modelworks shipment, but not what I was hoping for. Templates in order to correct an over looked machining step in the production of the rear axle for the mounting of the rear calipers. Since I have my chassis and rear axle completed and powder coated I was not pleased with this sudden announcement. I went back to the Kit 1 pictures and it shows a squared off caliper bracket, so there was really wasn't any way the kit builder could predict this problem. Well with aggravation behind me and apology accepted, Brad you're an honest man, let's move on with how to approach this problem.

  If you haven't assembled your rear axle yet, you can take it to your local body shop and have them cut out the plate with a plasma cutter, neat, clean and quick. My axle is completed and powder coated. I can't use heat to cut the plate or I'll ruin my powder coating, so I must resort to manual labor.

  I first dismantled the rear wheels keys and bearings, now you see why I did not Loktite the keys - future servicing. I then bolted the templates into place, since my frame is finished; I taped and covered everything to prevent accidentally nicking the finish and to keep metal filing out of the rear and off the finish so as not to scratch it. I used an electric reciprocating saw with a bi-metal blade 24 t, I cut a vee as close to the template as I could and then a horizontal cut to remove the pieces, 3 chunks came off this way. Then I used a 4" disc grinder to form the radius and even up the coarse cuts, then used a half round file to feather the edges and smooth out the metal. Keep your shop vacuum close at hand because the grinder creates a lot of filings, vacuum often.

  After removing all the tape I sanded the powder coat edges to help feather in, I painted mine gloss black to match the powder coating. This area will not really be seen as the brake caliper will cover it.

  Once I got to work it really wasn't as hard as I originally thought. Start to finish took me 3 hours. Check the pictures; I'm pleased with the results.
Now that I finished the Modification, I think Model works was feeling guilty because the last 2 kits were too easy and they wanted to give us something to do.
  Happy building.



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